First Interview – Alberta MBA Application Series

Part I: So You Have an Interview…Now What?

You’ve submitted your application to the Alberta MBA program and finally received the email you’ve been waiting for: you’ve been invited to complete an initial interview!

The initial interview for the Alberta MBA program is completed through a video admissions platform called Kira. Kira gives post-secondary admissions committees the opportunity to see their candidates come to life by posing interview questions that are answered via recorded video responses within a time limit. The Kira platform is especially helpful for interviewing candidates in different countries and time zones as they have the ability to complete it at their convenience within our given timeframe.

Each Alberta MBA Kira interview has a different set of randomized behavioural questions created by our admissions committee. The candidate is given the question and then has 45 seconds to prepare a response and an additional minute to record the response. There is only one chance to record each answer! In total, candidates can expect to see three video recorded questions and one written response.

Here are some tips for a successful Kira video interview experience:

  • Test your equipment: You will need access to a desktop or laptop computer with a camera, microphone and a reliable internet connection. You are able to test your hardware and connectivity through Kira before you commence the interview.
  • Practice: The Kira platform allows you to practice an unlimited number of times until you feel comfortable with video interviewing. The practice sessions have three questions. To prepare for behavioural interview questions, we suggest sourcing some from HR blogs and outlining which of your experiences would fit best with each question.
  • Find the right spot: We recommend conducting the interview in a quiet, well-lit room where you can have 10 minutes to complete it free from interruption. Putting a sign on the door might be a good idea, as well as turning off notifications and devices that may distract you. It’s best to do a quick tidying up of the area around you and pick a background that’s simple and clutter-free.
  • Be mindful of time: You only have one minute to record a response or else you will be cut off at the end! Keep your answers concise.
  • SAR: A well-structured behavioural response clearly outlines a Situation, Action and Result. Having specific examples on hand will come in handy during your interview!
  • Show your personality: We understand that it can be nerve-wracking to complete an interview within a given time limit. Just smile, stay calm and speak at a controlled pace.
  • Dress the part: There is no formal dress code, but make sure you’re professional and presentable for what will be seen on camera.
  • Posture & eye contact: Sit up and position yourself squarely towards the camera. Look into the camera and try not to move around too much when you’re answering questions–it can make the admissions committee dizzy! 

Once your Kira interview is complete, the entire admissions committee watches it together and evaluates your responses, along with the other elements of your application package, to decide if you will move onto the next stage: an in-person, Skype or telephone interview with a member of our admissions committee.

See, the initial interview stage isn’t so scary after all–just remember to prepare and be yourself!

For more information on the Alberta MBA please click here.