Student Benefits

As students, our priority is to save as much as we can while still getting the maximum benefit. Wouldn’t it be awesome to get student discounts on shopping, travel, movies and cloud service? Here’s how to live like a king without breaking the bank:

  1. Amazon Prime: With your UAlberta email ID, you can set up an Amazon Prime account for 6 months and enjoy Amazon’s expedited delivery for free.


  1. Student Price Card (SPC Card): The SPC Card is a discount card that can be used across Canada at 120+ retail stores. Students can get up to 10-15% off. The cost of the card is $10 and validity is from Aug 1, 2016 to July 31, 2017. It can be bought from stores or online.


  1. SCENE Card: Who doesn’t want free movie tickets? With a Scotiabank credit/debit card, you can get a SCENE card that can be used at any Cineplex for free movie tickets. With every dollar you spend, you earn SCENE points that can be later redeemed for a movie ticket.


  1. International Student Identity Card (ISIC Card): If you like to travel, you could save some money using the ISIC Card. If you don’t drive and prefer taking the bus, you can save 25% on Greyhound. If you drive, you can get a discounted price from Alamo rental car company. The ISIC card costs $20 and is valid for 1 year.

ISIC card

  1. Cloud Service: With the UAlberta email id, you get unlimited free storage on Google Drive and 1 TB free storage on Microsoft One Drive. If you like using the computers in the MBA Lab, then you do not need to carry your hard drive with you. Make the most of this free cloud service.


Written by Tapan Gupta