Staff Profile: Yue Wu

Yue came to the University of Alberta as an MBA student from China. Now she works as a Program Coordinator in the Masters Programs Office.

Ashton Paulitsch (AP): What does your Program Coordinator role entail?

Yue Wu (YW): I am responsible for the coordination of the Executive MBA and Fort McMurray MBA programs and the academic part of the Master of Financial Management program in China. My duties range from academic registration to scheduling, posting grades, event coordination, study tour planning and program logistics.

AP: How long have you worked for the Masters Programs Office?

YW: I started in October 2015 as an Academic Services Coordinator and later moved into the program coordinator role.

AP: What was your background before coming to Canada and entering the MBA?

YW: I worked in the international office at a top post secondary institution in China called Renmin University as a program coordinator. I also worked in that same University in the international students’ office. I had a master’s degree in international relations from China before coming to Alberta for the MBA program.

AP: What’s the best part of your job?

YW: I like talking with the executives and professionals in our MBA programs because they have lots of interesting experiences and stories to share. I am motivated to provide our MBA students with the best service and experience possible during their time in our program.

AP: What is your favourite memory from being an MBA student yourself?

YW: Meeting my classmates and making new friends from different backgrounds. I learned a lot from them!

AP: What advice would you give to MBA students?

YW: Find a balance between life and study. Don’t just focus on your grades– do some networking and get to know people at events.

AP: What would you say to international students who are nervous about adjusting to life in Canada?

YW: The first semester may be difficult because you are getting used to being in a new country and school. Keep working at it and be open to learning from others. Don’t forget that you bring a very important international perspective to your classroom too.

AP: What made you want to work for the Masters Programs Office after you graduated from the MBA program?
YW: I had experience interacting with the Masters Programs Office and they helped me a lot when I was a student. I like the culture of universities since I had previously worked at one in China. I especially was attracted to the opportunity to help international students.


AP: What surprised you most about Canada when you first moved here?

YW: I was surprised by how fascinated people are by hockey. I didn’t know anything about hockey since it isn’t big in China. I like seeing people in Edmonton wearing Oilers jerseys before a big hockey game. I want to learn more about this sport.

AP: What’s the most important thing you learned as an MBA student?

YW: I learned from Maxine and Paul in our career management sessions during MBA orientation that you need to have a goal in every stage of your life and work to pursue it. I had never done this before the MBA and now I do set goals for myself.

AP: Ok, last question…what do you eat for breakfast?

YW: Well today I had apple pie, but my favourite breakfast is a cheese and egg sandwich from A&W!

Interview conducted by Ashton Paulitsch