Departure Day Blues

Some of us are up before the sun, and some of the lucky ones are still sweetly asleep.  Although we are all in different states of consciousness, the destination for all is the airport. Over the past 12 days, 32 strangers have learned about sustainability, culture, and friendship. Finishing this trip in Bangkok, the heat helps us to reflect upon the memories shared over the days gone by. We heard from past government officials leading the green energy plan in South Korea, we were able to cheer on the Doosan Bears and learn the player specific dances from the locals, we participated in a panel at the Sasin Center for Sustainability Management that allowed us to explore how Thailand is implementing the UN Sustainability Development Goals, and now we are all headed in different directions.  Some of us are heading home, while others are off to continue exploring South East Asia and India.



As we sit here bleary eyed with coffee in hand, we take in the DMK airport, watching the hustle and bustle of travellers, locals, and free spirits.  The Fort McMurray crew is heading on a mystical adventure to the island of Phuket. From there they will explore the neighbouring island of Koh Phi Phi, where they are searching sun, warm water, and a chance to strengthen their friendship. There is also time to reflect on the new friendships that were made. To our newfound Edmonton classmates, we wish them safe travels to the many destinations they are going which include Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, San Diego, Australia, Vietnam, India and the beaches of Thailand.

Blog post submitted by Korea Thailand Study Tour participants Dustin, Alexander, David, Michelle and Michael.