The Road to Rotterdam

We started the day with a visit to the Otto Beisheim School of Management (WHU) to further understand the dynamics of family business. Dr. Max Leitterstorf presented various theoretical frameworks to analyze the relationships between the business and the family and how they might differ in their decisions from non-family firms. After the lecture, we got a chance to apply some of our learnings by analyzing and presenting solutions to the Walter Rau case.


After a delicious lunch at the school, we had a chance to debrief on our learnings from the seminars thus far.  From there, we were accompanied by Ms. Stefanie Schweins, the Director of the International Office to the Marksburg Castle, a historical monument built over 800 years ago. The castle houses an extensive museum which has been preserved to its original form.


In the evening we visited a historical wine cellar where we had dinner and thanked our hosts for their generosity. After dinner, some of the students headed back for an early morning trip to the European Central Bank while others decided to sample some more products at the wine cellar.


The next day, we checked out of our hotel in Koblenz, boarded a private bus and headed to Frankfurt for a presentation at the European Central Bank. We had a joint session with three local universities on The ECB and the Eurosystem – Institutional Overview and Recent Developments. The presentation covered the structure and decision making powers of the ECB as well as the various macro and microeconomic tools used to determine their strategy. The lecture was followed by a brief question and answer period and an opportunity to take some photographs.

After the session, we headed to Rotterdam on a 6 hour bus ride where we decided to catch up on some much needed rest. We arrived in Rotterdam in the evening, checked into our hotel and headed out to explore.

Blog post submitted by Europe Study Tour participants Chad, Fahreen and Rajat.