Skyscrapers & Innovation Makers

Today was the group’s first full day in Shanghai! To kick things off on the last leg of the study tour we had two company visits and then finished the day at the Oriental Pearl Radio & TV tower in the Pudong Financial District. The first company visit was at a Life Sciences company in Zhangjiang High Tech Park.


The tour of the park started with a visit to MicroPort Scientific Corporation– a premium medical solution provider that covers 10 major medical disciplines. It was interesting to see what the company had done in the 19 years they’ve operated in the park – and fun to pose with the displays the company had.


Next, the group visited Shanghai GM where we were given an overview of GM’s operations in Shanghai and about the company’s success in China in general. It was very interesting to visit the interior of the manufacturing plant and see them put together the vehicles (although no pictures were allowed). An awesome and informative end to the company visits for the day.


Lastly, we visited the Pudong Financial District where we were able to go inside the TV tower and look around the area. Everyone enjoyed the 360 degree views and the attractions the tower offered – including a virtual roller coaster, game room and a skywalk around the tower (scary fun!). So far, Shanghai has been a blast and the group is excited to go to the last company tour tomorrow.

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Blog post written by China Study Tour participants Chenel, Shilo, Daniel and Nour.