Stop & Shop in Shanghai

This morning, our group went to Xi’an Lijun Pharmaceutical Co. where we had the chance to explore the information center as well as the manufacturing facility. This pharmaceutical company has grown rapidly, with net profit growing at 40 percent annually and revenues reported at 500 billion yuan per year! This pharmaceutical company is a major player in the Chinese market and we were excited to see their world class manufacturing and fully automated logistics and warehouse facility.
After the company visit, we headed for our last meal in Xian. At the “Huazhilin” restaurant, we had another amazing meal. All the Chinese staple dishes we have become accustom to, but we were treated to a special dish – steamed pork belly with bun. Some of us had tried a beef version at the Muslim markets one night prior, but both these “Chinese burgers” have been a big hit with be group. With a quick change on the bus, it was time to say good bye to Xian and head to the airport and fly to Shanghai.

Traveling domestic by air turned out to be a little unorthodox. We arrived at the Xian airport to figure out that some of our travel information was incorrect. Our heavenly guides (Jayne and Yue from the MBA office) made a couple phone calls to correct the mistake in minutes. Another great example of the fantastic job that they have done. Airport beers were difficult to come by, we had to settle on orange pop. Our gate changed moments before our scheduled boarding time, which caused some stress but worth the comedy. After a quick flight with some great service, we arrived in Shanghai.
From the airport, we travelled to our hotel, the Shanghai Administrative Institute. Immediately after checking in, we were met by the tailor who had prepared a fitting area for us in one of the hotel’s large meeting rooms. This room was filled with countless albums displaying fabric samples, styling options and special features for various kinds of garments.

What began as a light hearted evening quickly turned to a strict business atmosphere as we each tried our hand at negotiating a price for our custom garments. Regardless of the price paid, each of us left happy with our newly purchased goods.

Blog post written by China Study Tour participant Jeffrey Moloney.