A Bear in the Bundestag: Ed’s Berlin Adventure

Day three on our Europe Study Tour was a free day, so Ed could decide on whatever he wanted to do. To cure his jetlag, Ed decided to sleep in a bit, and woke up feeling refreshed and energetic. A great breakfast buffet provided by the hotel and Ed apparently really enjoyed it.


Then, Ed went to the Bikini Berlin Mall, located on the Budapester Street and nearby the Berlin Zoo. This is a unique mall because many inside shops are new European brands. The design concept of these brands always represent the newest fashion in modern society. The arrangement in this mall is also special. Instead of arranging by goods categories, the mall is arranged by the different styles of design.


Ed sat in a bench in the mall to have rest and we took picture for him.


Ed went to a local supermarket and saw beautifully colorful eggs. He wanted to bring some back to Canada, but the major concern was that these eggs were fragile and perishable, so he had to give up the idea of bringing eggs home.


There is a famous church just across the street of the Bikini Berlin Mall, which is the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church. This church was set by Emperor Wilhelm in the 1890s. Although it was partly damaged in the Second World War, Ed thought it authentically reflected the German history.


P.S. Ed found a Berlin local friend, the Berliner Bear!


On day four, Ed and our study tour group spent the busiest day in Berlin. We had the pleasure to enter into the German Parliament Building and had a wonderful lunch there with Dr. Matthias Zimmer, the Chair of the Human Rights Committee of the Bundestag. Dr. Zimmer gave a tour in the Reichstag Building. Along the way, he also walked us through the modern history of Germany from all political, cultural and geographical perspectives, and explained how these have led to the current status of Germany.


Ed was really glad to be a Gast (guest) of the German Bundestag (Parliament) and got to enjoy a sneak peek of the building.



The rainy weather did not stop Ed and us to enjoy the wonderful view on top of the Parliament Building. Here is our group photo! Ed is in the photo too but it might take you some effort to find him.

After that, Ed went to Otto Bock KG technology showroom to see how the industry leading company thrives to improve quality of life for people facing disabilities. Ed even tried out the wheelchair in Otto Bock.


In the evening, Dr. Joseph Pearson joined us and presented about how the memorials and the local’s memorial entrepreneurship has contributed to the “characteristics” of this city and its residents. To help us understand the social value of this topic, he closely compared Edmonton and Berlin. After this long discussion with Dr. Joseph Pearson, Ed and the group got a more in-depth understanding about the life dynamics in Berlin.


After the long day, Ed returned to the hotel and fell assleep as soon as his head touched the pillow, dreaming about Berlin.

Blog post submitted on Ed the Bear’s behalf  by Europe Study Tour participants Pamela, Nikki and Ying.