From Alberta to Africa: Day 3

Day 3 of the trip started by us welcoming the rest of our team (Tim and Sarah) who were joining us after being involved with the MBA Games. Of course, they were both a little tired after a 13-hour flight from Toronto, and a new 10-hour time difference. Their grand welcome gift was that they had some time to catch up on some much-needed sleep, while the show had to go on for the rest of us.


Our day’s agenda included one meeting in the morning, and a working session in the afternoon. For our meeting, we met with Prof. Fikre Enquoselassie from the School of Public Health at Addis Ababa University. Diane took the lead on this meeting while Beatrice, Doran, Emily and Jodi-Ann supported in various capacities. Though we were all a bit nervous and apprehensive at the start, Fikre’s relaxed demeanour and soft-spoken nature put us at ease quite quickly. He was very forthcoming with information regarding the possibility of Clinical Trials in this Regional Cancer Center of Excellence (RCCE), as well as public health information specific to Ethiopia. He also graciously agreed to help us get in contact with others who will be able to provide us with even more information for our cause. Overall, the meeting was a success and gave us confidence and knowledge that will be applied to our many other meetings.

After our meeting, we all took a 10-minute stroll through the streets of Addis to get to MK’s, the lunch spot of the day. The food offering included a mix of Ethiopian food, Italian food, and some Western food as well. We all enjoyed our meals.


The team is finally getting the hang of the device charging situation in Ethiopia…


A late night dinner was unable to resolve the eternal debate between Walia and St. George beer.  More testing will have to be done!

Late night brought a dinner adventure for part of the team that included unordered dishes, a missing waiter, and the elusive 1 hour bill.  Finally getting to pay and go to bed was worthy of a celebratory photo.


Written by Hickimatu Braimah