A New Journey

Making the decision to move across continents to study in a new environment was a huge step for me. But I am glad that I could take that step bravely and start a new journey here. All the notions that I had about Canada and the people turned out to be true and that made my process of settling in easier.

The MBA program started off with three days of international orientation which gave us the idea about the culture and norms here, and how things work. The best activity from these three days was the one where we had to walk up to random Canadians and strike up a conversation with them. We all received a positive reaction and this showed us how welcoming and friendly Canadians are. The main orientation started off from the next day, where the whole class was divided into four quadrants and this gave us a chance to interact with everyone. There were a lot of ice breaker activities such as speed introductions, the meaning of your name and building up a chart of main events from our life. Such activities gave us the opportunity to open up and talk to our classmates without inhibition and helped us understand our peers’ perspectives. There were couple of other activities which allowed us to work in teams and get evaluated on the task provided. This exercise was helpful as we got feedback on our performances and understood the areas of improvement.

We also had another event organized by the student body, called “Hunger Games.” This was a fun event were teams had to complete a variety of task such as three-legged race, quiz, push-ups and lunges along with creative games of building the highest tower and timeline. It helped us to bond more outside the class and allowed us to develop our team-building skills.


The orientation ended with a trip to Jasper where we got an opportunity to try out the whitewater rafting, with scenic view from the top of the mountain. This retreat helped us to unwind from the hectic orientation week and revitalized us to start the first semester with energy.

I would surely say that the orientation week was the best part to start off the program and the best place to know everyone and make friends.

Written by Medha Gupta