My “Sunny” Internship

A summer internship is a great opportunity to gain valuable experience while building skills, connections and networks. It is a window to a work environment that interns might like to get themselves into after they graduate from the MBA program. An internship can definitely help open doors to future prospects.

My name is Sumeet and I am here to share my internship experience. I am a full time MBA student specializing in Natural Resources, Energy and Environment. Prior to the MBA program, I had an engineering background and more than four years of project management and commercial experience in the central transmission utility of India. I was looking for an internship to help me apply what I learned in the classroom while leveraging my past experience in the energy sector. I knew an internship would help me achieve my long-term goals as it is another step in my career journey. I also wanted to get a taste of Alberta’s business environment and work culture.

This summer, I worked as a Sustainability Consultant Intern with Clark Ecoscience and Sustainability (CES). Working in a team of three with the former President and CEO of Climate Change Central and Principal at CES, my main project was to develop a white paper to be presented to the provincial Energy Efficiency Advisory Panel on solar integration in residential developments in Alberta. The approach to the white paper involved mapping research and stakeholder engagement. I researched and analyzed worldwide cases of residential solar integration to identify lessons learned and key success factors that can be replicated in Alberta. Additionally, we interviewed 40 key c-suite industry stakeholders in Edmonton and Calgary to determine stakeholder perceptions and understanding regarding solar integration in the province.

The internship was an important learning experience for me. I gained knowledge, soft skills, connections and great experience. Gaining broad knowledge of Alberta’s public sector, energy sector, clean technology industry, and economy as well as technological, environmental, and societal needs, made me much more prepared and confident for the next step in my career. I learned how to conduct and analyze interviews. I gained exposure to the real estate industry in Alberta. I dealt with ambiguity and conflicting priorities. Overall, the internship was instrumental to my personal brand development.

My advice to MBA students interested in a summer internship would be to take advantage of resources at the MBA Career Management Centre. Get involved in the very beginning with the career advisors! Their consultations, programs and support are invaluable in helping you refine your career goals and develop a strategy for achieving them (Thank you, Maxine!).