Student Clubs Q&A: MBA Games

Written by Tim Buckland

Tell me a bit about the club?

The MBA games is an all-encompassing competition that happens every year between the best MBA schools in the country. This year we are going to Vancouver Island University (VIU) in the first week of January to compete in academic, athletic and spirit competitions. We are the A-team and are sending a select squad of MBA students to fight for this year’s Queen’s Cup.

What are some of the club’s current initiatives? 

We are in the process of planning and getting ready to select our teams for the upcoming year. We will be at orientation and are looking forward to adding first year MBA students to our squads. As we start the school year, we will be holding try-outs and selections for each of our teams.

What are some of the past successes of the club you are most proud of?

Back in 2011 we ended up winning the MBA games which, as the only school representing Alberta, was an amazing accomplishment. More recently we have had some amazing success in the spirit events and this past year came in 2nd in the team triathlon. This was an amazing effort by the six people who competed in this event as well as the other 30+ cheering them on.

What are some of the things the club does (events, etc.)?

The MBA games is more than just a competition and has a large charity portion to the experience. We hold fundraisers throughout the year in order to support our team in going to the event and raise money for the charity that is chosen. In the past, these have included bottle drives, bar nights, and we are always looking for new ways to raise funds.

Outside of this, if a person is selected for the team we have athletic, academic case competition and spirit practices throughout the year. We are focusing on bringing a finely tuned set of teams to this year’s event and have our eyes set on winning the cup.

When/how/why did you get involved with the club?

I personally got involved in the club because I am proud of the school that I chose and wanted to represent the MBA program. I was selected for both athletic and spirit teams providing me with plenty of opportunities to compete throughout the event. The MBA games is an amazing experience and there really isn’t a better opportunity to meet new people or compete on a bigger stage.

What’s your favorite memory from being in the club?

My favorite memory is definitely competing in the Entrepreneurship case competition. My team put together an amazing presentation and although we didn’t win, learned a lot about business competitions and teamwork. I look back at that competition as not only a great experience at the games but a highlight in my MBA program.

If I was going to pick a runner up, the opening ceremonies is by far the loudest and most uplifting part of the games. Imagine 100’s of excited MBA students cheering not only for their own team but all the teams around them. It was a breath-taking experience and one that I would want every MBA student to do.

What advice would you give to someone looking to get involved in your club?

The best way to get involved with the MBA games is to be on our radar. We have captains for each of the spirit, academic and athletic teams who will be around throughout the year. By participating in events like the Fall Internal Case Competition or intramural teams, we will not only take note but have a good idea of who we want on our teams.

What advice would you give to a first-year student coming into the MBA program?

The MBA program is an amazing experience to push yourself and get out of your comfort zone. By joining groups like the MBA games, you will be able to learn new skills, make a ton of new friends and fight for the U of A School of Business. These experiences are not only beneficial as you move throughout your program but also as you move throughout your career.