FastTrack Orientation Q&A

Written by Ashton Paulitsch

What activities take place during orientation?

In the first week, we did a review of our Undergraduate business courses. The refresher was definitely needed for some concepts I hadn’t touched in a long time. It also got my brain back into school mode. In the following weeks, we had a course on business strategy with the brilliant Dr. Washington. I enjoyed the business strategy class because we had to complete a business simulation project in a small group and that group immediately became close friends. It was an intense week with tight deliverable timelines, but it prepared us for what’s to come once we start courses. The third week was the start of leadership classes and information sessions from the school. The leadership classes were fun and allowed you to meet the full time regular program students. The full time student cohort came from so many different countries so immediately I was intrigued and spent a lot of time learning about my classmates. I think the professor had a hard time keeping us quiet because we wanted to socialize so much!

What value did you get out of attending orientation?

Orientation was so valuable in terms of meeting the classmates you will work with all year. I quickly made some new friendships and got my brain back into school mode, ready to learn in September!

What surprised you the most about orientation when you attended?

I was surprised how the professors, MBA office and other students made you feel comfortable right away. I think everyone is nervous going into the MBA program but it immediately felt like home as they gave us lots of time to socialize through class assignments and icebreaker activities.

What was your favorite memory from orientation?

I’ll never forget having lunch with the entire Fast Track crew outside of the business building on the grass. We talked about our past work and educational experiences, hobbies, aspirations, and so on. In that moment I realized that I had hit the jackpot in terms of having an amazing group of colleagues. Now I’m proud to call these people lifelong friends.

What advice would you have for an incoming student attending orientation?

Enjoy every minute of it and make a point of introducing yourself to everyone in your orientation. You will be in classes with these people all year and this is your chance to get to know them on a deeper level. Most of all, have fun and look at this as a small amount of preparation for a whirlwind, life-changing year. I wish I could do my MBA all over again!