Japan & Korea Study Tour 2016 – Day 6

Written by: Kristel Owens, Nashid Shaker, Larisa Wooding, Hickimatu Braimah, Ashton Paulitsch, and Maninder Pardais (MBA Candidates)

May 14, 2016

Our last day in Nagoya included a tour of the Asahi Brewery and a traditional lunch at the Tokugawaen Restaurant. The exciting day concluded with a bullet train ride to Tokyo.

The Asahi tour was both fascinating and delicious! Our tour guide divulged fun facts about the brewery as we toured the bottling plant. The sustainability-focused brand recycles all byproducts and even make uniforms out of recycled plastic. Interestingly, while Asahi is best known for their Dry label (which they export) the brand produces several varieties of beer and non-alcoholic beverages for sale in Japan. After a thorough tour of the bottling facility, the group was able to sample a variety of labels and worked up a healthy appetite for lunch.

Next, the group traveled to the Tokugawaen Museum for lunch.  The Tokugawaen restaurant was located in a beautiful area and the group enjoyed taking pictures amidst the temples and walking through the trees on the paths that led toward the restaurant.


Nestled in the trees, the restaurant offered pre-ordered traditional bento boxes for lunch. Nine small portions gave students a delicious assortment of fish, rice, radish, and other delicacies that most of us had never sampled before.


The cozy restaurant and traditional food left students feeling satisfied that we had tasted traditional Japanese food in a traditional Nagoyan setting and we were ready to travel to the next location – Tokyo!

Finally, the group went to the Nagoya Station where many would experience their first journey on a bullet train. Brent and Dick did a great job clearly explaining that we would have to hurry as there would be just six seconds for everyone to board the train.


Luckily, we all made it on-board just in time! We arrived in Tokyo in less than two hours and settled in to our hotel rooms before heading out on the town for free time to see the City!