Europe Study Tour 2016 – Day 11

Written by: Kate Wylie and Ashley Theberge (MBA Candidates)

May 12, 2016

We began our day with a visit to the headquarters of Van Oord – a family-owned business specializing in drudging, off-shore oil and gas, and off-shore wind. It was interesting to hear about the history of their family operation as well as their business activities. We rounded out the visit by learning how to drudge!


Following lunch at Erasmus University’s Rotterdam School of Management (RSM), we headed out with our guides Stefan and Ilaria for a walking tour of the city centre. The city has a surprising amount of modern architecture for a European city as it was heavily bombed during WWII. Rumour has it that the Mayor of Rotterdam actually surrendered to the Germans in order to avoid the attack. The word did not reach the German pilots in time and the bombing occurred anyway.


We concluded the day with a visit to Kaapse Brouwers Rotterdam Brewery for a beer tasting. The building also held a farmer’s market with fresh bread, cheese and meats – some good eats after lots of walking on a beautiful day!


Rotterdam has certainly exceeded everyone’s expectations. It is a beautiful city with lots going on and a worthwhile stop on our tour!