Japan & Korea Study Tour 2016 – Day 5

Written by: Aneesa Murji, Jiahui (Carol) Xu, Jo-ann Babiuk, John Mikhail and Pawel Martyniak (MBA Candidates)

May 13, 2016

The day started with an early morning run for all interested runners, then breakfast prior to boarding the bus and off to Toyota Motomachi plant.

We arrived at Toyota, and were informed that there are no pictures or video allowed inside the plant. The tour provided a number of interesting statistics, including producing 300 cars a day, 90,000 cars a year, and over 30,000 parts per car. The facility is 35 baseball fields large (1.6M sq km) and employs 4,000 people.


After the tour, we visited the Toyota Kaikan Museum. Unfortunately, the simulator was closed for most of our visit, but the Toyota Partner Robot serenaded us with its rendition of “Pachabels Canon”.



From there we enjoyed a lovely lunch at the Toyota Restaurant Socio.


We then went to Brothers Communication where we saw one of the world’s two remaining samples of the first sewing machine. We got to play with their new products, including their embroidering machine, scan and cut machine, karaoke machine, and label makers.



The evening finished with a number of people attending a Nagoya Dragons vs Hiroshima Toyo Carp baseball match, while others went to tour the city of Nagoya

It was a great day!