Japan & Korea Study Tour 2016 – Day 4

Written by: Arjan Sharma, Cameron Hawtin, Melissa Blezy, Jay Lakdawala and David Vetters (MBA Candidates)

May 12, 2016

First Day and Night in Nagoya

After a night of karaoke, a well-deserved rest was earned by some while others who are still suffering from jet lag were up early & went for a stroll (some even a run) around our new home.


Those who hadn’t left their formal business wear in Korea (Dustin) suited up for our first Japanese company visit with Alpen. Specializing in sportswear, Alpen’s product innovation department created a special lace up technology which uses a two gear fastening system (TGF) to easily lace up athletic shoes.


After finally perfecting our roll call, we moved to Sports Depot where we had the opportunity to browse the store & make a few purchases.



A buffet lunch at the Crown Plaza Hotel gave us the opportunity to sit together as a group (all 34 of us) for the first time during the trip.


A scenic drive to the countryside brought us to Farzen, a small Japanese ceramic manufacturing company. Located in Seto, about an hour’s drive from Nagoya, Farzen has been struggling to draw consumers from the urban centre. We had a good discussion about options to expand their customer base. These included Etsy, Amazon and local markets.


After a quick break, everyone got gussied up and headed over to (NUCB) to meet the students in the global leaders program. Networking with current and past students in the program, as well as observing a traditional Japanese Samurai dance, was an amazing display of culture.

unnamed (4).jpg

Next up, we visit Toyota tomorrow morning.

Stay tuned!