Japan & Korea Study Tour 2016 – Day 3

Written by: Poonam Randhawa (MBA Candidate), Bernard Streeper (MBA Candidate), Taylor Love (MBA Candidate), Galen Yeo (MBA Candidate), Victoria Wong (MBA Candidate) and Dustin Meyer (MBA Candidate)

May 11, 2016

As the group departed from Seoul, fellow team member, Dustin Meyer, realized he forgot his suits. Sue, our guide in Seoul, was gracious enough to offer to go back to the hotel and mail them to him in Nagoya. This episode will be to be continued!

The dress code for the day caused some confusion as people such as Travis and I dressed casual while other such as Taylor went full on suit.  The diversity in clothing choices was amusing to see!


Once we arrived safely in Nagoya, the group went straight to the Japanese Railway Museum. This was where Ed took extensive photos with the various trains that the Japanese have been involved in since the late 1800s.


Since the mid-1900s there have been four different versions of the Shinkansen train with the 700N being the most recent one profiled at the museum. These trains also are earthquake proof and can sense ground waves changing which forces them to come to a full on stop.


After visiting the Japanese Railway Museum, the group headed to the Nagoya University for Business and Commerce in the downtown district. The new building was completed in 2014 and is quite impressive. It is equipped with state of the art technology and the architecture has a cathedral-like feel to it. The auditoriums were inspired by Harvard Business School auditoriums and the views from each of the various breakout rooms were incredible!

Here are some additional pictures of Ed enjoying Nagoya: