China Study Tour 2016 – Day 9

Written by: Ankush Dagar, Dhaval Parikh, Deepak Singh and Kunal Dhawan (MBA Candidates)

May 10, 2016

We left at 8:00am for the Venice of the East — Zhouzhuang Water Village. The village is a well preserved traditional Chinese fishing colony with canals flowing through the village.


It is a mix of traditional sites such as ancient temples and the modern sites such as Illy Café. The boat ride in the winding canals of the village was an amazing experience especially the background folk song by the oarswoman.



This visit gave us the opportunity to experience the authentic Chinese lifestyle, far away from the glamor of the big city of Shanghai. With old houses and narrow lanes, the village was a maze that we enjoyed exploring. After the enjoying the sites of the village, we experienced the local delicacies of Zhouzhuang and it was a tasty ending to the visit.

In the evening we had free time, so a group of us went to explore the Bund area. The beautiful skyline of downtown Shanghai was an exquisite view. Standing on the water banks and soaking in the architectural marvels of Shanghai was a perfect way to wrap up our visit to this amazing country.


China surprised us at every step. Each city was unique, however, they shared one common element — the tradition and heritage of Old China at the center wrapped in the modern fast moving New China.