China Study Tour 2016 – Day 7

Written by: Celine Gareau-Brennan, Jessica Jackson and Olabanji Balogun (MBA Candidates)

May 8, 2016

This morning we had the pleasure of having Nancy Pon come speak to us at the hotel. Nancy is an Albertan, who is of Chinese Origin, who migrated to China in 1995. Nancy had a humble beginning in a small town in Alberta and her accomplishment in life was very inspiring. Nancy not only focused on her successes but also used her failures as stepping stones.

Following Nancy’s presentation  lunch, we explored two different shopping districts. The first is in the Yuyuan area. This colourful district is characterized  by a multitude of small shops and restaurants with traditional Chinese architecture. Yuyuan appears to be a very popular area for tourists and the shops cater to this crowd.


After Yuyuan, we made our way to Nanjing Road and the Bund. This slightly more upscale area has a more  western feel due to the construction of buildings that reflect the different colonial powers which historically occupied each section of this district (and with American fast food restaurants on every block). The Bund also offered spectacular views of the Shanghai skyline, which we took the time to appreciate.

We ate supper quickly to take full advantage of the Karaoke room that was booked for us. The style of Karaoke in several Asian countries is different of that in Canada, in that we got a huge room completely to ourselves. Much fun was to be had, with singing, dancing, and even a Chinese Karaoke song performed by Professor Eddy Wong!