Japan & Korea Study Tour 2016 – Day 1

Written by: Jesse Ives (MBA Candidate), Khedija Hentati (MBA Candidate), Clement Yee (MBA Candidate), James McCurdy (MBA Candidate), Graham Graff (MBA Candidate) and Cuong Pham (MBA Candidate)

May 9, 2016

The trip began with an early start from the Grand Ambassador Hotel. After a delicious buffet breakfast including authentic Korean cuisine, the tour began with the first company visit to Carima – a 3D printing business that manufactures 3D printers for sale throughout Asia. Carima had two different types of printers, ranging in price and processing speeds. The first printer could do 2-4cm/hour and the second printer could process much faster at 3-5cm/hour. The printers were $5,000USD and $30,000USD respectively. The machines often take several hours to create an object.

The next stop was City Hall. While the group was supposed to have a complete tour of the building, the tour was cancelled due to security preparation for a demonstration. Police officers surrounded the entrance and blocked visitors from entering or leaving. Instead of the tour, the group enjoyed free time to explore the heart of downtown Seoul.


In the afternoon, we visited the markets in Myungdong District for shopping before heading to the UNESCO building for the NANTA show – a Broadway style live show featuring comedic Korean chefs cooking and dancing. The show was a comedy and very engaging for the audience, with people often being pulled up on stage.


In the evening, the group had free time for dinner in downtown Seoul where many enjoyed a traditional Korean BBQ. This concluded our first day of adventures and many of returned, jet-lagged to the hotel. Until tomorrow!