Europe Study Tour 2016 – Day 2

Written by: Emma Phelps (Bcom Candidate), and Dongbao Qiu (Bcom Candidate)

May 3, 2016

Today we got to experience the German public transit system as we headed off to the WHU School of Management.


When we got there, we were given brief introductions about the programs that they offer. We also learned the definition of a family business and the differences between family and non-family businesses. We then were given a German family business case to analyze to help us critically think about succession planning.Most importantly,the class gave us an opportunity to see the difference between German and Canadian teachers.


We had a delicious lunch at the WHU cafeteria with the professor…


After lunch, we went to Marksburg Castle by bus where a tour guide showed us around the castle.


We got to look at where the servants cooked and found out that people used to sleep in beds that had no roof. And instead of lying flat, they slept slightly at an angle.

Finally we were invited by the WHU to a historical restaurant and were able to eat in their basement, that previously was a wine cellar. We also got to try various German delicacies.

We can’t wait for more culture and learning experiences!