Internships – A Summer of Learning

A summer internship is a paid work experience for an MBA student that takes place between May and August, between the first and second year of study. For some, the opportunity to participate in a summer internship is one of the driving factors for choosing to attend the Alberta MBA Program, a two-year, full-time MBA program, and can be critical in shaping your career path.  The internship is often the first step towards a new path in switching careers and provides an opportunity for a variety of critical learning opportunities.

What are the benefits of an MBA internship?

By pursuing an internship that aligns with your desired career path, you will gain the skills, experience and network that will support you in pursuing your desired career path upon graduation. The internship will provide you with exposure to work you may not otherwise have had, an opportunity to experience a new field of work, and the ability to put what you learned in your first year of studies into practice.

How easy/hard is it to find an MBA internship?

Securing an internship will require students to be able to succinctly and compellingly articulate their experience, strengths and career goals, as the market in Alberta and other parts of Canada is highly competitive. For most students, this requires 1-2 hours of effort per week throughout the first year of the program doing research, developing their personal brand, networking, applying for jobs and preparing for interviews. While securing an internship is the student’s accountability, the Career Management Centre offers a variety of individual and group resources as well as events and workshops throughout the year to support students in finding an internship in their chosen field.

How can I land the right internship?

  • Take advantage of the consultation, programs and support offered by the Career Management Centre at the very beginning of the program.
  • Remain open to opportunities, but look primarily for internships that will give you experience in your desired field.
  • Meet with corporate representatives and guests lecturers at networking and other events.
  • Ask for advice from speakers, alumni, and professors in fields that interest you.
  • Interact with students who have already completed their internships in your desired field, and seek their guidance.

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