So you Think you Want to be an Entrepreneur

Here are 10 light-hearted beliefs Brad Ferguson, president and chief executive officer, Edmonton Economic Development Corporation, thinks will help determine your fit and readiness:

  1. Working 12 hours a day is a great start to any morning.
  2. Market research is simply a fancy expression for talking with your neighbour.
  3. You should be paid a monthly salary at least once a year.
  4. Two hours of uninterrupted sleep is much preferred to eight hours of sleep interrupted by a cash flow nightmare.
  5. When people call your idea crazy, it is they who clearly have no understanding of what the world actually needs.
  6. All continuing education courses should be provided by way of three-minute You Tube videos.
  7. A reasonable work-life balance can only be achieved when you spend 100 per cent of your time on work.
  8. Your vision has been clearly communicated, no matter how many times people ask for it to be re-articulated.
  9. Your spouse will provide unconditional love and support, especially when CRA starts calling your home number.
  10. If all goes bad and life gives you lemons, you’ll quickly be able to find someone with a bottle of rum and make magic.


Extracted from the Alberta School of Business Fall 2015 Magazine

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