Alberta MBA Application Advice

There are many requirements for MBA applications, and completing all of them in a quality manner requires significant time and energy as well as extensive self-analysis. Here are some recommendations in preparing for various components of the MBA application:


  • A major goal of the interview is to assess for mutual fit to the program, so being able to articulate why the Alberta MBA program will meet your goals and is a good fit for you is critical.
  • Treat the MBA interview like a job interview. The better prepared, the more research you’ve done about the program and the greater self-analysis and reflection you’ve done about where you’ve been and where you want to go, likely the more successful you will be.
  • Be authentic, honest, concise and articulate.
  • Anticipate potential questions and practice with others!


  • Create a resume that is action-oriented and speaks to specific accomplishments you’ve achieved.
  • Showcase the natural progression and evolution in your job responsibilities.
  • Be concise and to the point (approximately 2 pages).
  • Include the specific months in each role vs. using years.
  • Have close attention to detail to ensure there are absolutely no errors!

 Letters of Recommendation:

  • The title of the person writing the letter of recommendation isn’t as important as how well they know you. Supervisors or professors that can talk about your accomplishments, work ethic, leadership skills and more has greater impact than someone who doesn’t know you well who will write something fairly generic.
  • Entrepreneurs who don’t have direct bosses can ask clients to write the letters of recommendation in lieu.
  • Specific examples provided by your references that speak to your skills and abilities are most beneficial.

Letters of Intent/Essays:

  • This part of the application distinguishes you as an individual and shows how you are unique as compared to other applicants with the same test scores, transcripts and similar professional experience.
  • Make sure you’ve actually answered the questions asked of you. After you’ve written it, have someone else read it and see if they can determine what question you’ve answered.
  • Don’t have someone else write your essay for you. It is fairly obvious when this happens, and there is no right or wrong answer. It’s solely our opportunity to get to know you better.

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