What’s the difference between the Master of Financial Management and the MBA?

The MBA is designed to be a general management degree first, where students are introduced to a wide range of business fundamental courses such as Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Economics, Management, etc.  Once students have completed these core courses, they would then be able to specialize or focus their studies into a particular area.

The Master of Financial Management (or another specialized Master degree) is a much more targeted degree.  Rather than cover a broad range of courses first, the Master of Financial Management dives straight into focused courses.   If you have a clear idea of what you want to get out of a Master’s degree, a specialized Master’s degree can be a better option than the MBA.  Not only would you be able to complete the degree in less time (as you wouldn’t require as many courses to complete the degree), but each course would be directly relevant to your interests.

Master of Financial Management

Offered in Calgary, the Master of Financial Management is a specialized degree ideal for individuals with a strong interest in corporate finance.  Designed for individuals who aspire to the role of Controller, Treasurer or Chief Financial Officer, the Master of Financial Management delivers the skills and knowledge necessary to be a successful financial management professional at all levels of an organization.  The program is built around courses in Risk Management, Investment Principles, Fixed Income, Financial Reporting, Mergers & Acquisitions, Corporate Strategy and Strategic Financial Management.

The Master of Financial Management is designed for individuals working full-time.  Classes would be held every second Friday/Saturday in Downtown Calgary.  Students entering the program in Fall 2015, would complete their last course in November 2016.

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