Top Ten Ways to be a Good Alumnus

At the 2010 convocation ceremony, President Indira Samrasekara stated, “Today, as you cross the line from student to alumnus, you become a permanent member of the University of Alberta family. As difficult as it can be to earn a U of A degree, I can tell you that it is nearly impossible to give it back once you have it”!

Now that it has officially been a week since the Alberta School of Business 2015 convocation, we want to suggest to our new alumni 10 ways to “give back” to the Alberta MBA through their time, talent and energy.

  1. Mentor a Current Student – our goal is to match every new full-time MBA student with an alumni mentor.
  1. Be an Alumni Ambassador – talk to perspective students on choosing the Alberta School of Business MBA program over others, or offering advice to newly accepted students on maximizing their time in the program.
  1. Participate in our new Student Orientation – The MBA Career Management Centre focuses on getting students to start immediately on goal setting and career focus. Come and help us.
  1. Be a “Mock” Interviewer – Participate in our Mock Interviewer program. This helps students prepare for the “real” interview and builds confidence. Dates are usually in late September and early October. We ask for a 3 hour commitment to conduct 4 mock interviews
  1. Speaker – speak to MBA students on career transition, growing your network, and developing long term strategies to grow your career.
  1. Career Networking Events – Attend one of our career networking events to help students learn about various career paths and how to access alumni.
  1. Participate in a “Career Trek” – This is where we bring students who have expressed an interest in your industry to your office where they get to see first-hand the work done.
  1. Job Shadowing – Have a current student job shadow you or a colleague to get a deeper understanding and appreciation of the role and industry.
  1. Judge case Competitions – We are always looking for alumni to judge case competitions to help students improve their problem-solving and presentation skills.
  1. Capstone Project – Provide a “Capstone” project for students to work on in their SMO 641 course.

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