China Study Tour Day 6

Date: May 14, 2015

Written by: Jeffrey Thi, Taylor Banister, and Doran

Photo May 13, 8 47 10 PM

We started our day by heading to one of our company visits in Xian to the Shaanxi Construction, a company with over 200 ongoing projects across China. In their conference board room, we watched a video on the company’s background, their many accomplishments (such as being one of the top 100 growing enterprises), and their current plans and developments. During the Q&A, discussions included their international projects, operations and how they differentiate themselves from their competitors. The site visit concluded with the workers giving us a short tour of the construction site for their new headquarters. After a short lunch at a local restaurant, we used the rest of the afternoon to take a bike ride through the Xian City Wall.

Photo May 14, 8 03 32 AM

That night, we were able to explore the city on our own. While some students went off to Muslim street to go shopping and try some street food, Dr. Wong took a few of us to a restaurant in Xian for dumplings as the city is famous for this dish. We had the opportunity to try over 12 different types of dumplings, one of which came with a story about luck, depending on how many dumplings were in your soup.

Photo May 14, 7 21 31 AM

The night concluded with many of the MBAs and Undergrads getting together for karaoke. We had private rooms and had amazing time bonding and singing with each other.

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