China Study Tour Day 4

Date: May 12, 2015

Written by: Nish M., Jonathan N. and Damon M.

Company Visits for Sinopec and GE Healthcare China


Today was our second day of company visits in Beijing, China.  The first visit was at the Sinopec Management Institute, a training facility for the one of China’s largest oil and gas companies.  We got the opportunity to share our insights of Canadian life and information regarding the electricity and oil industries while learning about how Sinopec works as a company and how their management training program works.


UAlberta Presentations: Janelle and Jonathan presented on Canadian culture and explained what everyday life is like.  How Canada is multicultural and are very open as people. Yusup explained the deregulated electricity sector and how it is heavily powering the oil and gas industry. And lastly Kam got the opportunity to talk about the oil industry outlining processes of excavations to refining of the oil sands and how transportation of materials and equipment play a key role.  Sinopec gave a couple gave a couple presentations as well. Their first presentation discussed the Sinopec Management Institute and how they select hires and groom them into the best employees possible in various lines of business such as engineering, management, information technology, etc. The second and last presentation by Sinopec gave us a comprehensive understanding of their operations as one of the Top 3 largest Oil & Gas companies in China and in Fortune 500 as well. They then served us a traditional buffet which was exquisite (so many choices).


Post lunch, the next company was to GE Healthcare China.  They had a manufacturing headquarters in Beijing and they discussed how GE has evolved in China the early 1900s.  Supply chain, project management, research & development, IT, etc. are all in on the selfie.   They took us to the manufacturing plant in the back where diagnosist imaging works as well as


In the evening we all went to the Pearl Market where they had a whole store full of jewellery in various forms (necklaces, bracelets, etc.).  While in the market, a contact of Dr. Wong took us to a sketchy back room where watches were sold. On a personal note, us three (Nish, Jonathan and Damon) and others bought quite a few watches.  #Goodtimes

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