Japan/Korea Study Tour Day 9

Date: May 20, 2015

Written by: Yuechen, Wanting, Wushuang and Shruti

Samsung Digital City 3

Our Third day in Korea was full of exciting events and facts to learn about in the rapidly growing city of Seoul, Korea.  We started our day with a visit to Samsung Electronics museum in Samsung Digital City in Suwon City (30min drive from Seoul).

Samsung Digital City 1The Samsung Digital City has 390 acres of office space and home to almost 35,000 Samsung employees mostly working in research and development. The museum tour started with a short video on technology advancement since the 1700s until today.  After playing the short video, the projection screen turned out to be formed by rotating rectangles that open up a path to the museum which created  a cool and breath-taking start.

Samsung Digital City 2

After going through the history of technology and communication advancements and reading how the world relied more and more on technology, we were walked through the innovative solutions of Samsung by industry including Transportation, Retail, healthcare, government, finance, and home appliances.

Samsung Digital City 4

An example of these innovations in the tourism industry included a fully automated solution for booking, checking-in the hotel, and control of the room for hotels. The newer TV technology from Samsung (Super Ultra HD) SUHD has noticeable more vivid picture with higher brightness levels revealing all the details in the picture to the viewers and adding more life to video contents.

Samsung Digital City 5

While driving out of Samsung Digital City, we drove by Hwa Sung Fortress wall and stopped for lunch by Chunghakdong Hangari Kalguksu, an authentic Korean food restaurant.  Chunghakdong Hangari Kalguksu RestaurantThe restaurant is located in a quiet neighbourhood with traditional shops selling antique items and souvenirs.

Chunghakdong Hangari Kalguksu Restaurant 3

The second item on our agenda today was a tour in the city hall of Seoul.

Tour of Seoul City HallThere are two city hall buildings for Seoul, The old city hall building was built in 1945 and served as city hall building until 2012 when an all-new state-of-the-art building was finished.

Tour of Seoul City Hall 2 The old city hall building is currently used as Seoul Metropolitan Library while the new city hall building houses the mayor and city government.

Tour of Seoul City Hall 5

The new city hall building provides an iconic picture of the city of Seoul through its design, environment-friendly energy generation, real-tree walls, self-adjusting widows (automatically open in the fall/summer to adjust the temperature of the building), and free multi-purpose halls, personal office/meeting spaces, and cultural facilities for citizens.

Tour of Seoul City Hall 6

At the end of the day, we finished the day with a Networking event with the University of Hanyang MBA students where we exchanged information about the two universities, programs, culture, backgrounds, and opportunities.  We also received a warm welcome from prof. Hyun-Soo Han who is a PhD graduate of the university of Alberta and currently working in Hanyang university.

Networking with Hanyang University Students

We were also able to watch part of the university annual festival (It is customary for a University to carry its own festival for a week in Korea) which featured games, folklore music, and evening group performances.

Networking with Hanyang University Students 2

At the end of the day we thanked Mr. Han for appreciation of his contribution to strengthen the relationship between the two prestigious and diverse universities.


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