Europe Study Tour Day 12

Date: May 8, 2015

Written by: Sagar Memon and Nikhil Malhotra

The day began early as the students headed down to the breakfast buffet at the hotel to fuel up for the full day’s events. We then proceeded to go to our second day with our host university, Erasmus University’s Rotterdam School of Management. We were greeted by Professor Heugen to continue the discussion on family firms. Now, we were looking into these types of businesses on an international level and what to consider with international expansion. It was interesting to learn about the different cultures around the world and the values and attitudes towards family firms. This was followed by discussing how family firms possess different competitive advantages from regular organizations on the international level and what they have to offer. Little did we know that this topic would spark up a brief, yet entertaining, argument between Professor Mirus and Professor Heugen.

“I’ve got 25 pounds on you, Rolf.” – Professor Heugen

This provided the class with comedic relief and demonstrated the passion with which people can discuss topics in business. We then discussed a case study on Danfoss, a European family firm that expanded internationally, particularly to China, and the various issues they faced.

After our lecture, we went on to have lunch in the student common area, which almost had the exact same feel as SUB back home. With the sun bright as ever, accompanied by beautiful scenery and music playing in the background, we enjoyed our meals outside and soaked in the overall campus vibes. Truly, it was the place to be on campus on a Friday afternoon.

We were then very excited to head over to the docks to enjoy a river cruise on the beautiful Nieuwe Masse.

We hopped aboard the three-tiered Spido and immediately went to the top to try and enjoy the beautiful weather and the views to follow. Many enjoyed relaxing on the cruise with snacks and beverages, while listening to the descriptions of the various sights and looking out to Rotterdam’s beauty.

After our enjoyable cruise, we walked over the Erasmuburg bridge (and then some) to look out at the beautiful architecture erected within the city.

We made a quick stop in front of the historic Holland America Hotel to get a picture of the group and then headed to the Fenix Food Market for a beer tasting!

 Right when we walked in, we felt that the Fenix Food Market was one of the most unique establishments we had ever seen. With the market housed within a warehouse building, the market had several sellers that sold everything from an assortment of meats to cheeses and breads. One of our favorite stalls was Jordy’s bakery in Rotterdam, a brilliantly designed stall that sold a large variety of breads and pastries.

We were brought to Kaapse Brouwers, a merchant with a variety of drinks available for purchase, including an assortment of beers and wines. On the other end, there were several kegs filled with the beers that we were all ready to indulge in. After grabbing a sampling platter of cheese and some seats at a rickety wooden table, we were served about 6 different types of brews, including some IPAs and stouts, with the guide sharing the story behind each and every single one.

After visiting the exciting brewery with an incredible atmosphere, the stomachs of the various group members were beginning to grumble, leading us right to dinner. We went to one of Rotterdam’s most well known restaurants, Bazar. It featured various dishes of Lebanese cuisine, where we shared large platters with our group.

With the day being filled with many exciting activities and the group heading to Amsterdam early morning, many decided to relax in the evening to pack and prepare for the next day’s adventures.

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