Japan/Korea Study Tour Day 3

Date: May 14, 2015

Written by: Charlene Ribeiro, Aileen Leskow and Meagan Windsor

Good Morning Japan…


After two long days of automobiles and lots and lots of beer, we started the morning with Brothers Communication Space, which originally wanted to be named “Sisters”. Unfortunately, “Sisters” was already registered so Brothers it was! We had an opportunity to try many of the company’s products, and as you can see, Professor Beason has been recruited to be the new company spokesperson! He sends his regards… from Japan.

The non-stop karaoke continued, and we were mesmerized by Robyn and Big Andrew’s performance! They will be singing at a venue near you when we return.


The true Japanese hospitality continued even as we went on our way to our next adventure. Goodbye Brothers and hello to our first non-fried chicken lunch! We had the best lunch so far, and ate so fast that we forgot to take a picture! Next time you’re in Nagoya, be sure to check out the buffet lunch at the Crowne Plaza Nagoya Grand Hotel.


After arriving at NGK Insulators, we had the opportunity to meet key management of the company who provided us with an overview of their honeycomb ceramics catalytic converters product for commercial trucks and automobiles (thank you Tones!). For the non-technical people out there (including us), we think NGK builds filters to remove exhaust gas.


With some charismatic translation from Professor Beason, we gained a deeper understanding of NGK’s day-to-day operations in a sweltering environment! We would have loved to take photos of the plant, however due to how fantastic we looked in our hats, we were unable to. We will miss our NGK friends and capped off the day with a fantastic group photo, including the managers we mentioned above.


Now, a night filled with campus tours, dinner and of course karaoke!

Goodnight Japan…

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