Europe Study Tour Day 10

Date: May 6, 2015

Written by: Chris Pu and Toye Abraham

The group had to wake up early and leave Koblenz in the morning at 7:30 am via coach transportation towards the European Central Bank in Frankfurt, Germany, the finance capital of Germany.


Frankfurt is the first city we have seen on this trip with skyscrapers, which was an interesting sight. The European Central Bank is a beautifully newly constructed building on greenery landscape with a high security level. Security guards and a gate was situated at the entrance and we had to enter through an airport-like security screening system and have our passports checked. We were greeted by our ECB host who led us into the building where two guest speakers presented the topics of “The ECB, roles and functions – past and current challenges” and “Recent developments in the euro-area – a rebalancing process”.

2After the lectures, we were presented with grocery paper bags packed with lunch: sandwiches, fruit, and vegetable salads, crispy chocolate rice bar, juice and water bottles. During the five hour bus ride to Rotterdam, Netherlands, we experienced strong wind forces and pelting rain which ended up swerving the bus at one time point. Wind turbines along the countryside were spinning rapidly in the storm. Rotterdam’s weather was clear and sunny and we checked into the Holiday Inn Express at Central Station for a good night rest.

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