Japan/Korea Study Tour Day 2

Date: May 13, 2015

Written by: Jennifer McEwen, Anthony Javate, and Yasmin Guirgis

Day 2 was an epic day full of cars, bento boxes, beers and an entertaining bus ride home.

Toyota Museum
Toyota Museum

Our day started out at the Toyota Museum.  In 1955, the Toyopet Crown was released as the first Japanese-made passenger car. Although the traffic in Japan was dominated by buses and trucks at the time, demand for cars was also on the rise, mainly due to the taxi business. Now in its 14th generation, the Crown is the longest enduring marque in Japanese passenger car, with 60 years of history under its belt.  The museum took us through the history of the automobile with their world-class collection of cars.

Our museum visit concluded with a traditional Japanese Bento Box which was delicious yet challenging for some of us still getting used to the chop sticks (not mentioning any names, Simon).  Top chopstick award goes to Heather who was actually able to pick up a tomato with her non-dominant hand.

Asahi Brewery
Asahi Brewery

Next the team ventured to the Asahi Brewery. Fascinated by the efficiency and precision of the production process our team enjoyed a full tour of the facility. Of course the highlight was the 20 minute tasting session where samples of dry, super dry, premium and black were consumed. The majority of beer tasters chose premium as the number one choice.

At the  brewery
At the brewery

The 20 minute beer sampling provided the foundation for the good times bus ride home. Volume on the bus was much louder than we are anticipating tomorrow mornings to be. Highlight of the bus trip was Professor Beason and Brent Collingwood attempting to educate us on the geographical location of South Detroit and then the MBA students drowning out their teaching with the karaoke version of “Don’t Stop Believing”.

Bus ride

It was definitely a day to remember in Japan.

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