Japan/Korea Study Tour Day 1

Date: May 12, 2015

Written by: Shruti Tripathi, Yuechen Chen, Wanting Hu and Wushuang Ye

This is our first day in Nagoya! First stop, NUCB Fushimi Campus, where we had a lecture presented by Mr. Satoshi Kuroiwa, who had worked for Toyota Motor Corporation for 34 years. The two-hour lecture focused on Toyota Production System, also known as TPS.

After the lecture, we took the bus to Toyota city, where the headquarter of Toyota is located. We had a nice lunch at the headquarter restaurant Socio, and were taken to the Toyota Motomachi plant after that. Our visit to the plant was on welding and assembly process. We had a close look at how the robots welded the body of a car and how the cars were assembled on the assembly line.The efficiency and accuracy of their production process was amazing.

What was impressive about the plant was that they were using the same line to make several different models at the same time. At the end of our visit, we took a picture in front of the latest model Mirai, which is a hydrogen-fueled fuel cell vehicle. In the end, we had a brief visit to the Toyota Kaikan Museum, in which the most classic and future models were exhibited. On our move between different places, we had some good discussion on the bus. We were told that it took Toyota just 20 hours to build a car from raw material and they actually have 144 colors for their vehicles.

After leaving Toyota, we planned to go to the Nisshin Campus of NUCB. However the rain was to heavy due to the typhoon. We had to make our way back to Nagoya. Luckily, NUCB was willing to arrange another visit to their new campus on Thursday. We really look forward to that!

For dinner, we had the famous chicken wings at Yamachan, a local chain restaurant. What a good way to end the day! Hopefully the rain will stop tomorrow. We will visit Asahi Brewery Moriyama Factory.

This is the picture of the founder of Nagoya University of Commerce and Business (NUCB). He is the alumni of University of Alberta. University of Alberta has a long relationship with NUCB.

Ngoya University of Commerce and Business founder

The students of U of A received a warm welcome by NUCB.

Warm welcome

Mr. Satoshi Kuroiwa who has been working with Toyota since 34 years gave us an insightful lecture about history of Toyota, its production system, its philosophy – Kaizen and Just in Time.

Toyota presentation

Mr. Brent Collingwood felicitates Mr. Satoshi Kuroiwa

Brent and Mr.Satoshi Kuroiwa

Headquarter of Toyota – located in Toyota City has 16 floors. Toyota City accommodates 25% of the population of Nagoya city.

Toyota Headquarters

We had lunch booked by NUCB in the Socio restaurant.

Socio Restaurant

Everyone liked showroom because they could sit in the cars. The pink one was most popular with the girls.


Besides the cars, there is a robot in the showroom that could play violin!

Violin robot

After visiting Toyota assembly plant, students asked about the recruitment process of plant workers. We were then told that many of them were trained to be the future elite workers in the plant and they are also responsible for the training of temporary workers.

Last picture of the day!

Japan Tour Group

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