Europe Study Tour Day 7

Date: May 3, 2015

Written by: Hayley Slavik

Today marked our second day in Koblenz. This morning, we got to sleep in, which was a nice departure from our usual 7amwake up calls. After breakfast, we all embarked on a scenic walk along the Rhine towards the port for our boat tour. When we got on our boat we all arranged lawn chairs on the upper deck to sit together as a group. The weather wasn’t ideal, but it was still a nice day to go explore the Rhine river. Some of the more notable things we saw on the tour were the Koblenzer brewery, the Marksburg Castle, and the Stolzenfels Palace.

On our way back to the docks, the boat passed underneath the gondolas up to another beautiful fortress in hills of Koblenz. After getting off the boat, and getting rid of our “sea legs,” we split away from the rest of the group for lunch.

After a quick lunch, we headed back the hotel for our second activity of the day, the tour of Tony Reif’s vineyard. The walk to the vineyard was a very rainy one, which made it feel quite long for us. By the time we got there, we were definitely quite damp and ready for some wine. We were able to try three varieties of Reif-family wine: Pinot Grigio, a Rosé, and a Riesling. They were very delicious and the group ended up buying so much wine that Tony had to drive the bottles back to our hotel.


The walk from the vineyard was much sunnier and more enjoyable than the walk there (karaoke may have been a factor). The evening was very relaxing for everyone in preparation for our big day at Merck the next morning.

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