Europe Study Tour Day 4

Date: April 30 2015

Written by: Rahul Bose and Manav Goel

Today was the first classroom day on the trip. After the customary early breakfast at the hotel, we left for the downtown campus of TUM, which, when translated in English, stands for Technical University of Munich. Although the drizzle was not a perfect start to the day for the 30 of us in business attire, it was just a short walk from the hotel to the campus. After some tea/coffee to warm us up, Professor Braun lead us into what we thought was a really interesting lecture, followed by an engaging discussion on Anatomy & Financing of Germany’s SMEs. It was interesting to get to know about Europe’s ‘Bank based economies’, predominance of Family Firms and the fact that Capital Markets are not looked upon as the major source of capital here in Germany and most other parts of Europe.

Post lunch, we had another classroom session by Michael Muller, MBA, wherein he told us about how he started his printed T Shirt business at a posh location in Munich after his compulsory stint in the army. He gave us each a ‘Alberta School of Business Europe Study Tour’ T Shirt printed at his store. We left TUM after that, looking forward to exploring the rest of Munich, especially the mini Oktoberfest, by ourselves.

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