Europe Study Tour Day 6

Date: May 2 2015

Written by: Sumita Sharma and Cristina Marozzi

Along with rain clouds in Munich, May 2nd brought the Study Tour to Rothenburg, Germany. After a three hour bus ride, we arrived around 11:30. While approaching the mid-evil town centre, students caught a glimpse of the beautiful old city walls.Pic 1

These walls used to be surrounded by a broad and defensive moat that has since dried up and been converted into green space. We began our visit to the historical and popular tourist destination with a half hour of free time before lunch at Alter Keller.



Some in our group stumbled across a beautiful year-round Christmas market and store. It was then that we discovered how widely celebrated Christmas was here – how they celebrate it was something that they are famous for.

Europe- Christmas Store

At 12:30, we all met up once again for a traditional German meal at Alter Keller. This gem of a restaurant was slightly off the main strip and small – but it was authentic with fantastic food. After lunch concluded, we were given the opportunity to spend another hour and a half exploring Rothenburg prior to departing by bus for Koblenz. Some of us happened to come across the edge of the old city walls, which looked onto a valley of green farmland and nature trails.

Europe-WallEurope Study Tour

While taking this group photo, some of us encountered a rather itchy plant, which certainly taught us to be mindful of where the edge of the nature trail was.

Europe TourAfter hiking the trails, the group was on the lookout for the famous pastry balls that the region is famous for, it was a delicious snack to enjoy prior to embarking for Koblenz.

Europe-Pastry Balls

While on the way back to the bus, many of us inadvertently took the wrong gate exit out of the old city walls. This resulted in a few tardy and tired looking UofA students! The students weren’t the only ones who fell victim to the many streets with similar styles, Professor Glaser and Professor Mirus took quite a few wrong detours which resulted in them being over a half hour late for the the bus. Fortunately, no rescue efforts were pursued and we were all reunited and on our way to Koblenz without a hitch.

After checking into our new temporary home at the GHotel, many students were referred to an Italian restaurant called Remo’s, just a short walk away where the tables were big but the pizzas were bigger. After gorging on delicious food, many of us wabbled over to the old town to explore this historic city. We found ourselves at a popular Mexican pub called Enchiladas where we got our first taste of European Nachos.

Europe TourWe are excited to explore the castles surrounding Koblenz in the coming days. Goodnight from Germany!

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