Consulting Case Interviews

What Is It About Consultants And Consulting Case Interviews?

I would not call myself a consultant, there seemed to be an air about the consultants that ticked me off. Ironically, my opinion about consultants is the same opinion often shared about my first profession – IT Support – “they think they know too much… if not everything”. My paradigm took 180 degrees turn during the first meeting I had with my mentor, here in Edmonton. After he listened to me speak for a while, he asked out of the blue, “have you thought of consulting after your MBA?” I was blindsided. After he told me his reasons, I have been giving consulting a second thought and did a consulting course during the summer. I have also been trying to learn more about the consulting field with every opportunity I have. The first Consulting Trek organized by the MBA Career Management Centre provided a decent insight into the profession. We visited the KPMG office down town, where we had a presentation about the company, a question and answer session with senior managers, and for fun, we had the marsh mellow and spaghetti challenge; which some of us will never forget.

With my attention already being drawn to consulting, the Consulting Case Interview session was another logical step. I had heard about Case Interviews but never experienced any. Consulting being a profession that proffers solutions to business problems, business cases are often used at a stage of their interview. The Consulting Case Interview session was indeed a cheat sheet for case interviews. The three consultants from Deloitte thoroughly dealt with a typical recruitment process. From glancing through hundreds of resumes and selecting stand out candidates, to first stage interviews, then case interviews and finally being invited for a chat with partners; each aspect was explained in great detail, with the support of personal experiences. The practical case interview exercise was the icing on the cake. All in all, this was an experience worth every moment spent and I feel motivated to seek a consulting interview right away.

Toye Abraham

Written by: Toye Abraham

Date of event: November 3, 2014

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