Consulting as a Career

‘Consulting as a career’ was a networking event with Ernst & Young Consultants. The event setup was quite unique : the EY Consultants briefly shared their background, and experience and then we(students) were split into four groups where each EY consultant spent fifteen minutes with a group. I found this setup very personal, and warm.

In that great environment each consultant shared their own unique story inside and outside of EY. The story allowed me – and I am sure my peers would agree – to know more about Management consulting in general. As a student deciding a career post MBA, it helped me understand employer’s expectations from management consultants;  I was able to see how EY Consulting is structured, and most importantly what is EY’s culture – because after my MBA I want to work in an organisation that believes in the values that I believe in, and has a good culture based on those values. I was also able to hear how the  ‘day-in’ and ‘day-out’ was like as a consultant that helps me understand what to expect if I work at EY. It was surprising to hear the similarities I shared with a consultant when she mentioned her own journey of becoming a consultant; it made me realise how much of my experience is actually related to consulting. This realisation will definitely help with my self confidence, give me a better perspective on consulting, and allow me to leverage my past experience to strongly pursue a career in consulting.

Syed Daniyal Israr

Written by: Daniyal Israr

Date of Event: November 5, 2014

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