Through the Pipeline: An Introduction

Want to know what it is like to be an MBA student? What about next year’s class? What happened at that recent career trip? What are some of the Alberta MBA grads up to?

We will provide insight into what is going on here within the Master’s program from a student’s perspective at the same time informing people about the great things happening at the Alberta School of Business directly related to these Master’s programs. Our goals for this blog are to entice prospective students to the value the program brings, at the same time providing great information about the program and some of the activities that are making this program fantastic. The blog will include student’s  stories, new developments, and activities that not only we will write about, but we will have students participating in this blog and it will show you the perspective offered when it comes to building great Master’s programs.

The Alberta School of Business Master’s programs has been growing at a significant pace. With the additions of the Master’s of Financial Management Program delivered both in Calgary and China, combined with the already established MBA programs here at the University of Alberta, the office thought it was time to deliver information to prospective and current students as well as the general public through a new blog called “The Pipeline”. We will provide information from the program in several different categories including admissions, student life, career development, and alumni relations.

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